“It is inspiring to see how one person can have such an incredible impact on the greater community; I congratulate Lisa for her efforts to educate people about celiac disease and the importance of good nutrition.”
Honourable Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua, City of Vaughan

“If I could use one word to describe Lisa and her efforts with the gluten-free community it would be supportive. With her incredible wealth of knowledge about nutrition, she never fails to help individuals and the community with expert knowledge and understanding. The celiac and gluten-free communities are very fortunate to have her as an advocate.”
Paula Cooper, CEO, Dine Aware™

“Lisa has developed a substantial following in the gluten-free nutritional space. More than others in her field, she has a forward-looking, more progressive approach that separates her from the pack of her peers.”
Dr. William Davis, Cardiologist & New York Times Best-Selling Author

“Lisa is a wealth of information and a complete dynamo! She has become a trusted adviser on all things nutrition related. She has incredible energy and resources to help us connect with partners and others who have been invaluable as we release and market our film.”
Michael Frolichstein, Producer, The Celiac Project documentary

“Getting your system working more efficiently through exercise and watching your food intake is crucial to controlling blood glucose levels; seeing a qualified nutritionist like Lisa is a great place to start.”
Dr. Ronald Goldenberg, Endocrinologist

“I was an ill child who grew into an extremely ill adult. In 2012, I decided to go gluten free. I came across an article written by Lisa and it gave me the hope and tools to do so, and to finally get well.”
Ruth H.

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Lisa since 2011. As a nutritionist living with celiac disease, Lisa is a knowledgeable and energetic voice for the gluten-free community. Lisa expertly connects people and brands through her social media channels.”
Claudia Howard, Vice President of Marketing, Holy Crap Cereal

“International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women globally; what better way to mark the occasion than celebrating the incredible women who are making a difference with technology here in Canada.”
Janet Kennedy, President, Microsoft Canada

“Lisa has a wealth of knowledge and advice about nutrition and celiac disease, and a talent for making that information accessible and easy to understand. We frequently rely on her expert opinions on living gluten free. She understands how to use social media and storytelling to connect with people who can benefit from the advice she provides—and that is an extremely valuable quality to possess.”
Andrew Klotz,

“Lisa has been a catalyst for concept and content for the City of Vaughan fitness centres’ very first nutrition program, which was established in the fall of 2015. Lisa helped to bring the nutrition counseling services idea forward and worked with the City of Vaughan’s Recreation Services Department in order to develop the program. The program now offers nutrition counseling services and education to City of Vaughan fitness centre members.” 
Art McDonald, Recreation Supervisor for the City of Vaughan

“Lisa has been a supporter of Canada’s Gluten-Free Market since its inception back in June 2012. Through her blogging efforts, social media posts, ticket giveaways, and ads on, she has helped promote our show and bring awareness to the gluten-free community. We appreciate her support and look forward to working with her on all of our future markets.”
Lisa Melander, Event & Marketing Coordinator, Canada’s Gluten-Free Market (Partnered with the Canadian Celiac Association)

“Both personally and professionally, Lisa has been a huge support to me when it comes to all things gluten free. As a mother of a child with celiac disease and in my early days of getting Gluten Free Garage off the ground, Lisa has offered me sound advice that comes from both her research and lived experience. She is incredibly knowledgeable and eager to share this knowledge in order to help others with their own health struggles and issues…and always with a smile. She has a strong work ethic and is a very ethical person. I am forever grateful to Lisa for her guidance and encouragement.”
RonniLyn Pustil, Owner, Gluten Free Garage

“Our community is made up of dedicated and caring people who impact our city and help make it a better place to live. Lisa is exemplary, she is a role model for people living with celiac disease. I want to thank Lisa for setting such a positive example for the community.”
Sandra Yeung Racco, City of Vaughan Councillor

“Lisa is truly a guru when it comes to healthy gluten-free living. She is an experienced and knowledgeable nutritionist with a real passion for providing resources on how to lead a healthy life, regardless of one’s health issues. Lisa has the knowledge, experience and empathy to advise thousands on how to successfully lead a healthy life.”
Rose Reisman, Nutrition Expert, TV Personality

“Lisa is a gluten-free genius and a passionate and informed advocate for the healthy lifestyle that is improving the lives of so many.”
Amy Sky, Recording Singer/Songwriter

“Lisa is an articulate keynote speaker and an expert in nutrition and celiac disease. She provides the audience with knowledge, experience, and science—Lisa not only backs up her talk with research, she also has first-hand experience on the power of food. Her knowledge is not only impressive, she is inspirational!”
Kathy Smart, Nutrition & Health Expert

“Lisa is a contributor to — a Canadian food news destination part of the Gusto TV station on Bell TV. She provides expert and insightful advice for those on gluten-free diets, as well as recipes, health tips and in-depth information on health and nutrition issues. Her tone is personable and helpful. It’s a pleasure working with her.”
Natalie Stechyson, Digital Content Manager at Gusto TV

“It has been wonderful working with Lisa. She is a great listener and has a strong knowledge of natural nutrition. What I value most about Lisa in addition to her desire to help people, is how genuinely passionate she is about her work.”
— Jaclyn Stelmaszyk, World Champion Rower & Dietician

“When choosing a nutritionist, you need someone not only educated, but also passionate and caring. Lisa has all of these important qualities and is someone I highly recommend.”
Tina Turbin, Recipe Developer, Award-Winning Author

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