Past Events

  • Low Carb Real Food Show: communications, November 2019
  • Gluten Free Goodness Expo: communications, June, 2019
  • Low Carb Lifestyle Show: speaker, celiac disease and the paleo diet, March, 2019
  • canfitpro World Fitness Expo: panel expert, celiac disease, August 2017
  • Nielson (analytics company): presenter, breakfast benefits presentation, June 2017
  • Indigo Richmond Hill: Paleo Diabetes Diet Solution cookbook signing, January, 2017
  • The Big Carrot: speaker, paleo diet for optimal health, January, 2017
  • Nature’s Emporium: speaker, paleo diet and blood sugar, November, 2016
  • Whole Life Expo: Paleo Diabetes Diet Solution cookbook signing, October, 2016
  • Ambrosia Natural Foods: presenter, paleo snacking cooking class, June, 2016
  • Live the Smart Way Expo: keynote speaker, celiac and digestive health, April, 2016
  • Eat Real Food Health Summit: speaker, bone health and diet, March, 2016



Customize a private class by choosing topics for a one-to-one or group setting, such as:

  • Manage your special diet and meet specific nutritional needs
  • Nutrition requirements for meals and snacks
  • Foods/ingredients/recipes to choose and avoid
  • Understand food labeling 
  • Avoid cross contamination when traveling and dining out
  • Superfoods, antioxidants and foods for optimal health
  • Food allergy testing, celiac disease testing, nutrigenomix testing
  • Healthy weight loss plan for optimal health

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