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Paleo Scrumptious Snacking Cooking Class!

I will be teaching a Paleo cooking class with wellness expert Erin Toole Budd at Ambrosia Natural Foods in Vaughan, Ontario (just north of Toronto) on June 15, 2016. I have been shopping at and loving Ambrosia since its first flagship store opened many years ago! Back then, it was very hard to find foods that were suitable for celiac disease and they were among the first stores to carry such foods. I’d walk in and feel as though I’d hit the jackpot! Continue reading “Paleo Scrumptious Snacking Cooking Class!”

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Should you consider doing a juice cleanse?


The gastrointestinal (GI) tract, which includes the stomach and intestine is extremely complex, and is now thought by scientists to be our body’s second brain. The surface lining of the GI tract includes numerous bacteria, immune and nerve cells that largely function to protect us against toxins and foreign invaders. In fact, many researchers argue that the gastrointestinal tract makes up between 80 and 90 percent of our body’s entire immune system. Continue reading “Should you consider doing a juice cleanse?”

Benefits of Plant Based Foods, Colon Health, Organic Foods

Organics Live: local organic produce delivered across Canada and beyond!

I love organic food for many reasons, which I explain here. I recently learned about the company Organics Live and I was impressed by what they offer, so I decided to try their services. The company delivers certified organic, sustainably produced and locally grown produce to homes for considerably less than shopping retail. There are locations across Canada so you can connect with your closest one, and they also have expansion plans in the U.S. Continue reading “Organics Live: local organic produce delivered across Canada and beyond!”

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Paleo Portobello Burger

Who says you need bread, buns, bagels or wraps made of refined grains and simple carbohydrates to enjoy a good sandwich? You really don’t. There are many ways to enjoy the comforts of a hoagie. Try replacing bread with lettuce wraps nori paper, Paleo wraps (usually made of coconut meal) and a variety of veggies, like red pepper, grilled eggplant and sweet potato. Continue reading “Paleo Portobello Burger”

Benefits of Plant Based Foods

The Many Miracles of Food

I firmly believe that food can lead to the greatest miracles with respect to our overall health. I have personally witnessed this truth many times over, once I opened my mind to the possibilities. I have heard people’s stories, and they never cease to amaze me — what people can overcome through the healing power of food and diet.
Continue reading “The Many Miracles of Food”