Lisa Cantkier is a 
nutrition and health educator focused on helping others live well with food allergies and special diets. She also loves to write and is a communications coordinator at Healthful Communications. Lisa completed degrees in psychology and education, as well as a diploma and certificate in nutrition.

Living with celiac disease for a lifetime and having lost close relatives to cancer and diabetes has taught Lisa every bite matters—food is medicine, one of the most important aspects of health and it can either harm or help us. She takes great pleasure in helping others transition to and manage their special diet—deliciously and with care.

This website is where Lisa shares recipes and information related to nutrition and health. Contact Lisa for more information about her nutrition and communications services.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Lisa in the North York Mirror at age 5.
Lisa at age 5, The North York Mirror


Popular Articles



• Cookbook award finalist, health and special diets, Taste Canada Awards, 2017
(Paleo Diabetes Diet Solution)

• Civic Hero Award, Council of the City of Vaughan, 2014
(celiac disease awareness)

Recognized by Microsoft Canada, 2014
(celiac disease awareness)

• Best Online Resource Award Finalist, Notable Awards, 2014

• Author Award, Gluten-Free Recipe Box’s Author Awards (Wilkins Publishers LLC), 2013
(Gluten Free Beginnings Easy Starter Guide)


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