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Holistic Nutrition: Insurance Coverage!

Did you know that insurance coverage is now available to (Canadian) residents of Ontario and Alberta for nutrition services when you see a nutritionist that is a professional member of the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners (CANNP)?
This is fairly new to Ontario and brand new to Alberta.

Currently, in Canada the following insurance companies provide coverage for holistic nutritionists who are Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioners (NNCP) and members of the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners (CANNP): iA Financial Group, Blue Cross, Green Shield and Manulife.

Across all Canadian provinces:
In 2015, Manulife Financial confirmed that for their policies which elect to include coverage for Nutritionists, Nutritional Counsellors and Nutritional Practitioners, CANNP members are considered eligible. Green Shield is another insurance company that provides this coverage for CANNP members where applicable. Most recently, in October 2016, iA Financial Group followed suit. iA Financial, Manulife Financial and Green Shield provide coverage right across Canada, where applicable.

If you live in Alberta:
More recently, professional CANNP Members, NNCP’s and RNT’s in Alberta may now have their services covered if their client has Blue Cross coverage that specifies  nutritional counselling.

More information:
It is expected that more insurance companies will follow suit across more provinces in Canada and offer insurance coverage for nutritionists that are members of CANNP.

To take advantage of this insurance coverage for nutrition services rendered, verify that your nutritionist is a member in good standing with the CANNP. You must submit an insurance receipt to your insurance provider so that you insurer and your employer become aware of your wishes.

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