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Paleo Scrumptious Snacking Cooking Class!

I will be teaching a Paleo cooking class with wellness expert Erin Toole Budd at Ambrosia Natural Foods in Vaughan, Ontario (just north of Toronto) on June 15, 2016. I have been shopping at and loving Ambrosia since its first flagship store opened many years ago! Back then, it was very hard to find foods that were suitable for celiac disease and they were among the first stores to carry such foods. I’d walk in and feel as though I’d hit the jackpot!

I have learned so much from the experts at Ambrosia over the years, and now I am thrilled to give back to their community by sharing my story and journey with celiac disease, as well as my knowledge of the Paleo diet.

The Paleo diet is free of gluten and many other foods that are not ideal for our health. It is a diet, when done right, that helps with the management of blood sugar, diabetes, celiac disease, other gastro conditions, chronic illnesses and so much more.

If you are curious about the Paleo diet and what it could possibly do for your health or the health of your loved ones, then join Erin and I at this fun, one hour Paleo cooking class on June 15th! You’ll learn about Paleo basics, as well as simple and quick snack recipes free of ingredients that may possibly be harming you. You’ll receive a free guide outlining the diet basics and a free reference guide to sweeteners—the good, the bad and the ugly! There will be prizes followed by a Q&A period. Bring me your Q’s and let’s have fun, Paleo style!

Find out how the Paleo diet has helped me with celiac disease and Erin with Crohn’s disease. The Paleo diet is helpful in managing a variety of conditions. There will be prizes too!

Here is more info, directly from Ambrosia (hope to see you there):


Paleo is the latest lifestyle craze that’s sweeping the world by STORM! Have you heard about it?! Would you like to learn more about it?! Well you’re in luck because on Wednesday, June 15th we’re hosting an exclusive, Paleo approved, “Scrumptious Snacking” workshop just for YOU!

Please join Holistic Nutritionist and Celiac, Lisa Cantkier and Real Food Advocate and Reiki Master/Teacher, Erin Budd as they teach you how to create delectable, healthy and EASY snack recipes that are both paleo and gluten-free. They’ll also be talking about what leading a paleo lifestyle entails and how it’s beneficial for your overall health and well-being!

There is a $10 charge (including fees) to reserve your spot. All registered guests will receive a discount on select products discussed during the event, as well as a $5 Ambrosia gift card (given at the event only – no exceptions)!

There are only 50 spots available for this special event, and we expect this to be sold out, so be sure to reserve your spot TODAY! Click here to register:

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