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Disability Tax Credits include ADHD


With disabilities (I prefer the term “different abilities” but go fight city hall for that change!) like ADHD on the rise, families need as much help as they can get. As a nutritionist, I see many families with children with disabilities and recently found out those with ADHD now qualify for tax credits. I wanted to share the information.

If you or a loved one have a diagnosed disability, including ADHD, it’s simple to apply for tax credits:

I recently learned that Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) offers tax credits for individuals living with a disability (DTC). The tax credit has been around for a while, however, ADHD was just added within the last couple of years. To qualify, your doctor must complete a T2201 form which you can download, print and submit to the CRA at tax time. The CRA will determine whether the needs warrant any credit. Doctors typically charge a small fee for completing the form.

I hope you find this helpful!

Note: This post applies to residents of Canada.

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